Eric Jurenas

Powerful and pliant
The New York Times
Eric Jurenas brought dimension and conviction
The Washington Post
A powerful and pleasing sound...his is a young artist to watch.
The Boston Musical Intelligencer

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Eric returns to Innsbruck Early Music Festival for a duo recital

Singing a thematic recital of lute art song from different countries, Eric joins French soprano Suzanne Jerosme and lutenist Jan Cizmar in a program titled Time Stand Still at the Schloss…

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Eric to introduce a new piece in Berlin

Eric will be premiering a world premiere work written for him by Aribert Reimann. This piece for viola, piano, and countertenor is to be performed at the Pierre Boulez Saal…

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Eric presents a recital as part of the Weekend of tribute to castrati in Versailles

Baroque Europe saw the reign of castrati. Long present in the Byzantine Empire, they were imposed first at the Sistine Chapel and then from Rome – where no woman could…

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"Eric Jurenas managed to portray both great masculinity and playful, compelling gentleness, singing successfully in the tricky range of countertenor with an occasional plunge into a fully resonant depth."

DC Theatre Scene



Olga Neuwirth

World Premiere

Performed in English

Eric sings the role of the Angel.

Olga Neuwirth’s music theatre opens a door into the realm of what has been simultaneously experienced, read and heard, of what is known and felt – in other words, into the realm of fiction shaped by memories. “Ever since I was a child I have been interested in everything from the arts to politics, from the sciences to human psychology (…) I have let myself be inspired by the small and big things that the world has to offer, by the wonderful diversity of life, and I see this reflected in Orlando. For it is a love of oddities, of the paradoxical, the grotesque, virtuosity, exaltation and exaggeration that are the essence of this fictional biography, which aims to create a new morphology of narration. At all times it is also about (…) a sophisticated and highly subtle form of sexual attraction that rejects being pigeonholed in any one gender. As well as about refusing to be patronised and treated in a condescending manner – something that continually happens to women, with no end in sight.”

Cast and information:

December 8, 11, 14, 18, 20

Tri sestri

Péter Eötvös

Performed in Russian

Eric sings the role of Natascha.

Acclaimed production of Yuval Sharon. Olga, Masha and Irina, the three daughters of the late General Prozorov, live with their married brother Andrei in a Russian provincial town, and yearn for a better future, for true love and a fulfilled life.

Cast and information:

March 12, 14, 17


GF Handel
Dramatic oratorio in three parts [1752]

Performed in English

Eric sings the role of Hamor.

»Whatever is, is right!« – The internationally renowned director Richard Jones pays tribute to the profound and virtuosic Baroque composer George Frideric Handel. The oratorio Jephtha is a radical inquiry into the nature of human existence with arias and choruses of poignant and jolting intensity – interpreted from the orchestra pit by the Baroque specialist Christian Curnyn.

Cast and information:


May 17, 21, 31
June 5, 13, 19, 25
July 3

"He...stuns the audience with his remarkable voice and musicianship."

Opus Colorado